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(English) [Abradeli Kami] Abura Shoukami Tsukane No. 4 Hatsukoi Jotei ~First Love Empress~

December 22, 2010

Title: Abura Shoukami Tsukane No. 4 Hatsukoi Jotei ~First Love Empress~
Original Title: 油照紙束 No.04 初恋女帝

Circles: AbRAdEli Kami (油照紙)
Authors: bobobo (ボボボ)

Pages: 28
Released: 2008-12-30
Language: English

Size: 10,2MB
Resolution: 1100×1200

Characters: Boa Hancock, Luffy

Contents: Breasts (Enormous), Huge Penis, Body Modification, Breast Sucking, Cumming Inside

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(English) [AbRAdEli Kami(bobobo)] Chotto Matte to Iwaretatte ~You Did Say Wait But~

December 18, 2010

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(English) [AbRAdEli Kami(bobobo)] Akumanko

December 17, 2010

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(English) [AbRAdEli Kami(bobobo)] 140.000.000

December 16, 2010

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